Hi all, my name is Gavin Hendricks and welcome to The Forward Lifestyle. Before we begin, thank you for visiting my website, it means the world to me and I’d love for you to read my articles.

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I’m not going to take much of your time here, so I’ll just ”try” keep this short and sweet.

Let’s just get straight into it.

Who am I?

Gavin Hendricks

Well, just a regular guy who was always fascinated with the online world, be it e-commerce, affiliate marketing or blogging. I have always wanted to start my online business and i did. 

Did it succeed? No.

Did it fail? Not really. 

Let me explain…

I launched my own e-commerce store back in 2016 and I sold backpacks. A very clean unisex backpack that could be easily used for work or travel. 

Although the product was good, the manufacturing sucked big time. I had complete trust with the manu, but he did not live up to his word. Although I did manage to sell a decent amount of backpacks, I did cover my manufacturing costs, I just couldn’t afford to sell a defected piece to my customers. So I had to stop, learn from my lesson and move on.

It was fun while it lasted.

I had no knowledge in WordPress, SEO, content marketing or Ads

Um, so how did you sell your products?

Influencer marketing, I literally sent DMs to influencers on Instagram asking them for a barter.

Product – Post

So they’d post a picture of the backpack on Instagram and I would let them keep the product in return. It was super cool.

But all in all, I have learned from my failures. It’s simple as that. This was the time I realized that I wanted to get into the world of digital marketing. 

Current scenario?

Right now, I’m working for a digital marketing agency and running this blog like a side hustle. Oh yeah.

The Forward Lifestyle? What’s this all about?

Well, back in 2017 I launched this site in the fitness niche. (I am very passionate about fitness, I was a skinny kid back in the day – Simple as that)

 I wrote a couple of articles that ranked on the first page of Google. It was pretty exciting.

I learned a lot about SEO, blogging and content marketing with the blog as well as my job. But I always felt I could deliver more with the blog and that it was not reaching it’s true potential. So one fine day I decided to revamp this website…..

And? What is this new website all about?

Well, it’s all in the name -The Forward Lifestyle. (Unlocking your true potential and moving forward)

Let’s break it down

Forward – How to create a side hustle with blogging, affiliate marketing and so on.

Lifestyle – Living a healthy lifestyle and unlocking your true potential one step at a time.

Oh sweet! What plans now?

You can think of my site as a friend. You will get NO BS articles on blogging, health and motivation. Providing you with valuable content is my number one priority and I hope you get some value out of it. 

I also hope to launch a few cool products soon, watch out for it.

Enough of talk, thank you for visiting my site.

You’re Awesome